SSRWSI – Annual General Meeting

You are invited to the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards Annual General Meeting August 18, 2022 9:30 AM Wanuskewin Heritage Site   Our AGM will give you the opportunity to discover what we have achieved over the last year and our priorities for 2022/2023. This year the meeting will be held at Wanuskewin Heritage Site near Saskatoon

SSRWSI able to restore 300 m2 of shoreline habitat

MEDIA RELEASE South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards able to restore 300 m2 of shoreline habitat thanks to Natural Edge Program, RBC Tech for Nature support June 2022, Saskatoon – In partnership with nine other grassroots groups across Canada, the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards (SSRWSI is proud to have participated in the national launch of

We want your fish guts!

❗️We NEED your HELP! We want your FISH GUTS!   🐟We are collecting gastrointestinal tracts of Yellow Perch, Northern Pike, and Walleye of anglers who harvested them under their existing fishing license. SSRWSI staff will be collecting samples over the Canada Day weekend.    👍Ready to participate? Sign up to receive more information on how

Natural Edge – Shoreline Restoration

Why are shorelines important? Shorelines are vital habitat. Throughout their lifetimes, over 90% of aquatic species use shorelines for food, shelter, breeding, and rearing areas. Healthy shorelines are vital to maintaining the overall health of lakes and other bodies of water. Shorelines help filter pollutants, protect against erosion, and provide habitat for fish and other

2022 Saskatchewan Tree for Life Program

This year, trees will be sold in bundles of 10’s when ordering.  Each bundle of 10 costs $50.00.  If you purchase 26 bundles or greater you will receive a 30% discount at the time of ordering.  Tree sales are non-refundable and sales are final!   Ordering will be online from February 15, 2022 until May 1,

Removal of Flowering Rush August 2021

Flowering Rush is native to Eurasia and was introduced first to the eastern United States and Canada as an ornamental plant. The species was commonly imported and sold by the water garden trade, leading to the potential for illegal release into the wild. It was first recorded in North America along the shores of the

Water Contamination Threats – How Can Water Quality Be Protected?

In 2021 we were lucky enough to have Master of Water Security students work with us. For one project, a document was developed outlining main water contaminants in the South Saskatchewan River, and the identification of possible sources of that contamination. In the Canadian Prairies, the South Saskatchewan River (SSR) is highly utilized. The river

Life Under Ice

Have you ever wondered what happens under the ice in the winter? What allows life to continue under multiple feet of ice? It’s an interesting cycle in our lakes that allows fish to sustain themselves and aquatic life to continue. This is due to our lake temperatures varying throughout the year through processes of stratification

The South Saskatchewan River in Winter

The South East Alberta Watershed Alliance (SEAWA) has written a really interesting article about the South Saskatchewan River in the winter and allowed us to share their summary on our website: “It’s almost winter, and the South Saskatchewan River is well into the seasonal changes shared by cold-region rivers worldwide. River ice is an essential

Identifying Grassland Fragmentation to improve Habitat for Species at Risk

This project will identify cultivated land that could be seeded to native grass to improve habitat for species at risk. At the end of this project a Conservation Plan will be drafted with actions to increase native grassland acres to create more habitat for species at risk. Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards (SCCWS) applied for