Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Our board is made up of elected R.M. and town/city officials who reside within the South Saskatchewan River Watershed boundaries.

North Watershed Area

Ben Buhler

Town of Osler

Hilary Gough

City of Saskatoon

Mike Cox

City of Martensville

Judy Harwood

RM of Corman Park

Colin Sheldon

RM of Prince Albert

Dennis Helmuth

Town of Rosthern

Special Interest Groups

Renny Grilz – Treasurer

Meewasin Valley Authority

West Watershed Area

Chris Baker

Town of Kindersley

Craig Tondevold

Town of Leader

Lake Diefenbaker Watershed Area


RM of Excelsior

Alan Thomarat – Chair

Resort Village of Thode

Dennis Furglerud

RM of Rudy

The Mission of the Watershed is:

To inspire and empower individuals, groups, communities and industry within the South Saskatchewan River Watershed to participate in stewardship initiatives and activities that will protect the beauty, diversity and integrity of the watershed, while encouraging environmentally sustainable economic and cultural activities.

The Vision of the Watershed is:

We envision a future where the People of our Watershed, the Councils which represent them and the Commercial Entities which provide goods and services to them, share a stewardship ethic which ensures the long-term economicĀ and cultural wellbeing of the watershed through ongoing cooperative efforts in ecological protection and conservation.

The Values the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards Board believes in are:

Partnerships: We bring diverse groups together to speak with one voice and to work together under a common vision for the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards. Participants respect and seek to understand the views and interests of all board members.

Sustainable Use of the Watershed: We want to improve water quality and water quantity within the watershed, as well as ensure water for social, economic, environmental and cultural uses for future generations. We view sustainable uses of the watershed as fundamental to its conservation.

The Intrinsic Value of the Watershed: We recognize that Watersheds provide many benefits to humans. We also recognize that prairie and forest ecosystems and the species found within them have intrinsic value, beyond any human use.

Engaging People: We engage Saskatchewan people in learning about and experiencing the watershed as a means to promote conservation. We believe people who understand the watershed learn to value the watershed, and people who value the watershed will work to conserve it.

An Integrated Approach: We approach conservation in a way that considers and integrates the ecological, socio-cultural, and economic interests related to conservation issues.


It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to ensure the Vision, Mission, and Values are up to date and reflect the intent of the Board of Directors and guide the Board and Coordinator in decision making and strategic direction of the organization.


These core values will be reported annually to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.