Educational Resources

Footprint Calculator – Calculate your Ecological Footprint and personal Overshoot Day

Water Footprint Calculator – What’s your water footprint? It’s the tap water and the “virtual water” used to produce your food, electricity, gas and home goods.

What’s in Your Water, Keeping it Clean – Alberta Water Portal Society

Build-A-Prairie – Are you up for the challenge? If you choose the right plants and animals, you can watch the prairie come to life before your eyes!

Plastic adrift – Investigate how plastics move in the ocean


Watershed Resources – Nutrien

What is a watershed – If you don’t know what a watershed is, it’s time to find out. We all live in one

Where is your watershed – Do you have your facts straight about your local watershed? Learn more about your watershed and how you can help protect it

Why should you care about our watersheds?

Watershed contest – The Caring for Our Watersheds program asks the question, “What can you do to improve your watershed?”


Other organizations/projects

Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin – Kids Activities – Here you will find fun and informative watershed games and activities for kids (and kids at heart)

Project WET – Interactive game to explore watersheds

Wetlands – Ducks Unlimited


Nature Conservancy of Canada Podcast – Seven-part series, that takes listeners to some of Canada’s important natural areas, from the Bay of Fundy to Victoria

Let’s Talk About Water Podcast – A podcast about the future of our planet’s water and why you should care

Plastisphere – A podcast on plastic, people, and the planet

Prairie Pod – A podcast that communicates the science surrounding prairie conservation, restoration/reconstruction, and management (produced by Minnesota DNR).