Farm Stewardship Program Wildlife Friendly Fencing

The Farm Stewardship Program provides Saskatchewan producers funding to implement Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs). There are two pasture management BMPs that include fencing for producers:

  1. Riparian Grazing Management – fencing to protect water quality and adjacent riparian areas
  2. Native Range Management – fencing to improve or protect the health and productivity of existing native rangelands

It is important to note that if a project is located in an environmentally sensitive area, there may be special requirements. Special requirements could include using wildlife-friendly fencing guidelines, fence markers, drop-down fencing, obtaining a Federal permit or targeted grazing not permitted.

Ideally, wildlife-friendly fences should be low enough for adult animals to jump, high enough for animals to crawl under and minimize the chance of tangling. The Ministry of Environment recommends:

  • top wire a maximum of 42” above the ground
  • at least 12” between top two wires
  • at least 18” between the bottom wire and the ground
  • a smooth wire on the top and/or the bottom

Wildlife Friendly Fencing Guidelines

To determine if your project is located in an environmentally sensitive area please contact your local Agri-Environmental Services Technician.