Fish Habitat Map

Fish Habitat Map

The content of this downloadable map involves data collected from the 2011 fish habitat study that was initiated by SSRWSI with funding by Environment Canada’s Environmental Damages Fund. Fish assessments were conducted at 5 creeks within the South Saskatchewan River Basin; Snakebite, Brightwater, Opimihaw, Fish and Red Deer Creeks. The assessments included mapping, photographing and evaluating the existing fish habitat as well as sampling for fish species in the study area.
To view this map you will need to download ArcReader 10 for Windows (free version that runs on Windows XP sp3, Vista, and Windows 7).


Installing ArcReader 10:

  1. Click here to take you to the ESRI website
  2. Click “Download ArcReader 10 for Windows”
  3. Before installing you must create an ESRI Global account (you may need to re-open the Arc Reader link after doing so)
  4. Download file to a specific location on your computer, locate and unzip the file (right click > extract all), then double-click the Setup (.exe) application file to start the install process.

Downloading Map File

  1. Once you have downloaded ArcReader, click on the link below to download Fish Habitat Map
  2.  Click here to download map file: Download Map File
  3. Save the map file in your documents folder
  4. Unzip map file (right click > Extract All…)
  5. You can now open the map file in ArcReader

This map allows you to:

  • View the areas sampled during the 2011 study. Use the “identify”  button to click on features and view information on the specific location including the number and species of fish found, habitat type and date.
  • View important fish habitat areas in relation to specific locations including roads, communities, RM’s or particular coordinates. The “measure” tool allows you to calculate distances.
  • View protected buffer zones (90, 200 and 500 meters around waterbodies). You can turn specific map layers on and off by clicking the checkbox next to the layer in the menu.
  • Search for specific features using the “find” tool.
  • Explore the map by panning around and zooming in and out.

Arc Reader Tool Bar

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