Stormwater Guidelines

Environment Saskatchewan

The purpose of this guideline is to provide high-level technical guidance to municipal authorities, individuals, and consultants who plan to develop and implement drainage systems for stormwater in urban/built-up municipal areas, commercial and industrial areas in Saskatchewan. Although the guidelines provide technical and practical guidance, users must exercise judgment in planning, designing, and implementing stormwater management works.

Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality

World Health Organization

This edition of the Guidelines further develops concepts, approaches, and information introduced in previous editions, including the comprehensive preventive risk management approach for ensuring drinking-water quality that was introduced in the third edition.




Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality

Government of Canada

The Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality are established by Health Canada in collaboration with the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Drinking Water (CDW) and other federal government departments. They are published by Health Canada. This table is a summary of the values and key information from each of the guidelines. It is updated regularly and published on Health Canada’s water quality page.


Guidelines for Recreational Water Quality

Government of Canada

The primary goal of the Guidelines for Canadian Recreational Water Quality is the protection of public health and safety. This document provides guidance on the factors that can interfere with the safety of recreational waters from a human health perspective. It is intended to guide decisions by provincial and local authorities that are responsible for the management of recreational waters.


Common Types of Private Sewage Works

The Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater Disposal Guide provides recommended selection criteria for a number of systems. The information provided for these systems is intended to allow for the adequate treatment of domestic wastewater. Commercial or industrial wastewater may need additional treatment and a design specific for the facility.