SSRWSI Timeline


January Watershed planners from the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority invited Rural and Urban Municipalities, First Nations and special interest groups from within the South Saskatchewan River Watershed to join a Watershed Advisory Committee. (WAC)
March The first formal meetings were held for the North WAC, Lake Diefenbaker WAC and West Watershed Advisory Committees.




2004 – 2006

Watershed planning process continued and the Source Water Protection Plan was developed.

Local residents and leaders committed their time and worked hard to identify risks related to drinking water quality and quantity as well as provide solutions to proactively protect their source water.




 January A Steering Committee was formed comprised of members from each WAC to engage in implementation of the plan.

The steering committee became the Interim Board of Directors for the SSRWSI, until such time as a permanent Board could be established.

 March 29 SSRWSI Interim Board Meeting
 April The South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards Inc. (SSRWSI) was incorporated.
 May The interim board put in place their constitution and Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.
 June 25 SSRWSI Interim Board Meeting
 September Completion of the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Source Water Protection Plan which identifies risks related to drinking water quality and quantity as well as suggesting ways to remove or limit those risks.

Core sponsorship funding secured from Saskatchewan Watershed Authority

September 21 SSRWSI Interim Board meeting
October 15 Watershed Coordinator – Maurija Skansen, starts working for the SSRWSI based out of the MidSask REDA Office in Outlook, Saskatchewan.
November 20 SSRWSI Interim Board Meeting
November & December Implementation Support Team established and meetings held to establish objectives and priorities within a 6 month timeline, as well as long term objectives and goals.



January Meetings were held in all three Watershed Advisory Committee (WAC) areas to talk about the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards and Benefits of Membership through an Informational Watershed Presentation.
January 24 SSRWSI Interim Board Meeting
Feb 4 & 5 SSRWSI hosted a Booth at the SUMA Conference Tradeshow to increase watershed awareness and encourage membership.

The Tradeshow booth also served to promote and advance key actions identified in the Source Water Protection Plan.

March 10-12 SSRWSI hosted a Booth at the SARM Conference Tradeshow.
April Another set of 3 WAC meetings, one in each area of the watershed, were held to elect a permanent board.
April 14 &15 Provincial Watershed and Aquifer Planning Workshop in Yorkton.
April 29 SSRWSI First Meeting of the newly elected Permanent Board.
May 1 The South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards relocated to a new office space within the Town of Outlook Office Building. The new office allows for more visibility within the community of Outlook and affords much needed space to the coordinator.

New Administrative / Financial Services secured from Wilson Office Services.

May 21 Implementation Meeting held to establish new objectives and set priorities.
June 8 Canadian Rivers Day and SSRWSI Open House in new office location.
June 23 SSRWSI Board Meeting – a.m.

SSRWSI’s first Annual General Meeting – p.m.

July 22 Watershed Field Day and Well Decommissioning Workshop in R.M. of Gull Lake.(West WAC area)
October 24 Well Decommissioning Workshop in R.M. of Corman Park.(North WAC area)
October 30 Watershed Field Day and Well Decommissioning Workshop in R.M. of Loreburn.(Lake Diefenbaker WAC area)
December 12 SSRWSI Board Meeting





February 1-4 SUMA Convention and Tradeshow
March 9-12 SARM Convention and Tradeshow
March 19


SSRWSI Conference/Workshop “Clean Where We Live: Beneficial Residential Development Practices for Our Watershed”, held at the Mennonite Church in Osler.
Held in conjunction to the Annual General Meeting
March 31 West WAC Area Meeting in Cabri, SK
April 16 Lake Diefenbaker WAC Area Meeting in Outlook, SK
April 28 North WAC Area Meeting Apr. 28 in Osler, SK
October 8 SSRWSI Hosted a well decommissioning field day with SWA and PCAB near Mendham, SK





February 1-4 2010 SUMA Convention and Trade Show at Evraz Place in Regina, SK
February 25 West WAC Area Meeting in Eston, SK
March 3 North WAC Area Meeting in Cudwork, SK
March 8-11 2010 SARM Convention and Trade Show at Evraz Place in Regina, SK
March 16 Lake Diefenbaker WAC Area Meeting in Outlook, SK
March 22 Annual General Meeting at Royal Canadian Legion Hall, Outlook, SK
November Saeed Ul Amin was hired as Watershed Project Manager
November 5 An important board meeting, attended by a SWA representative, was held to discuss the new role of SSRWSI in the watershed and to revise current projects
December 10 Meeting held at the CIty of Saskatoon Office to discuss 2010 activities and plan for 2011





Jan 30 to Feb 2 SSRWSI attened the 2011 SUMA Convention and had a booth at the trade show
February 1 SSRWSI hired Amanda Burke as Environmental Project Coordinator
February 2 & 3 SSRWSI held strategic planning session facilitated by On Purpose Leadership Inc.
March 2 Watershed Advisory Committee (WAC) Meeting – West WAC Area at Abbey Town Hall
March 7 to 10 SSRWSI attended the 2011 SARM Annual Convention and had a booth at the trade show
March 17 Watershed Advisory Committee (WAC) Meeting – North WAC Area at Osler Community Hall
February 28 Board Meeting
April 7 SSRWSI Annual General Meeting held in Osler, SK
May 1 SSRWSI hired Matthew Tyree and Nancy Kennedy for the 2 year fish habitat project (TODO) which involved investigations into fish populations of several tributaries of the SSR.
August Started a fundraising campaign
September 20-23 Western Canada Water Annual Conference and Exhibition in Saskatoon
November 16-18 Saskatchewan Water and Wastewater Association (SWWA) Conference and Trade Show in Saskatoon
November 11-13 Saeed Ul Amin and Amanda Burke participated in a Waterlution Workshop in Craik Eco-village, SK