Land Management

Land Management

Bedding Master – Manure Composter
Reduce pollution from run-off while reducing your costs by using recycled manure as bedding for cows.


Stewardship and Economics of Cattle Wintering Sites
During winter, cattle need shelter, water, and feed. Typically, these basic needs are met by providing a cattle-wintering site. Some cattle wintering sites are located near the riparian areas of rivers and streams. These locations provide shelter and water but can affect water and land resources through the confinement of cattle and the resulting concentration of animals.
Saskatchewan Watershed Authority, 2003

Revegetation of Saline Soils using Salt Tolerant Grasses

According to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada estimates, approximately 5.52 million acres of agricultural land in Saskatchewan are at moderate to high risk of salinization. Depending on the level and type of salts present in the soil, the impact on crops ranges from minor yield reductions to establishment failure. The salinization of cropland can reduce its economic and environmental viability. Moderate to severely saline soils can be reclaimed using salt-tolerant perennial grasses while providing a forage crop.


Best Management Practices-Species at Risk

Burrowing Owl, Piping Plover, and Loggerhead Shrike