Membership with the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards is open to Urban and Rural Municipalities, First Nations and entities (special interest groups) with similar goals and objectives within our Watershed.

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Benefits of Membership

By becoming a member of the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards, you can:

  • Significantly increase access to funding $$$ = more opportunities & more cash.
  • Bring watershed programs and initiatives to your community.
  • Get access to Technical support.
  • Facilitate wise use of your tax dollars.
  • Make it easier to access valuable information and existing programs.
  • Give your residents a forum to express concerns over water-related issues and to seek solutions collectively, rather than in isolation.


Subsequently, you will:

  • Increase awareness of the water resource.
  • Encourage a stewardship ethic within our watershed.
  • Improve water quality and quantity.
  • Realize the potential to leave the Watershed better than we found it!


With Membership

You Have:

  • The right to vote at meetings of members.
  • A position on the Watershed Advisory Committee (WAC).
  • The potential to be on the Board of Directors.


You Get:

  • To bring forward resolutions to the Board.
  • Recognition for Stewardship Practices.
  • Listing on the SSRWSI Website with a link to your website.


We can pass on a Healthy Watershed to our Children, Grandchildren and Future Generations!


Current Members