Membership with the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards is open to Urban and Rural Municipalities, First Nations and entities (special interest groups) with similar goals and objectives within our Watershed.

Benefits of Membership

By becoming a member of the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards, you can:

  • Significantly increase access to funding $$$ = more opportunities & more cash.
  • Bring watershed programs and initiatives to your community.
  • Get access to Technical support.
  • Facilitate wise use of your tax dollars.
  • Make it easier to access valuable information and existing programs.
  • Give your residents a forum to express concerns over water-related issues and to seek solutions collectively, rather than in isolation.


Subsequently, you will:

  • Increase awareness of the water resource.
  • Encourage a stewardship ethic within our watershed.
  • Improve water quality and quantity.
  • Realize the potential to leave the Watershed better than we found it!


With Membership

You Have:

  • The right to vote at meetings of members.
  • A position on the Watershed Advisory Committee (WAC).
  • The potential to be on the Board of Directors.


You Get:

  • To bring forward resolutions to the Board.
  • Recognition for Stewardship Practices.
  • Listing on the SSRWSI Website with a link to your website.


We can pass on a Healthy Watershed to our Children, Grandchildren and Future Generations!


Current Members - As of October 2018

Urban Municipalities

City of Martensville
City of Saskatoon
Resort Village of Shields
Resort Village of Thode
Town of Cudworth
Town of Kindersley
Town of Leader
Town of Osler
Town of Rosthern
Village of Alvena
Village of Loreburn
Village of Riverhurst


Special Interest Groups

Meewasin Valley Authority

Rural Municipalities

RM of Chesterfield No 261
RM of Corman Park No 344
RM of Excelsior No 166
RM of Fertile Valley No 285
RM of Fish Creek No 402
RM of Happyland No 231
RM of Hoodoo No 401
RM of Kindersley No 290
RM of Lacadena No 228
RM of Loreburn No 254
RM of Miry Creek No 229
RM of Montrose No 315
RM of Newcombe No 260
RM of Prince Albert No 461
RM of Rosthern No 403
RM of Saskatchewan Landing No 167
RM of Snipe Lake No 259
RM of Victory No 226