Prairie Habitat Conservation

Prairie Habitat Conservation

Re-building your Land with Native Grasses – A Producer’s Guide 
This guide provides information to assist farmers, ranchers and environmental agencies with native grass re-vegetation. These insights and guidelines are designed for readers who have a basic understanding about native grass revegetation.


Native Grass Fact Sheets

These fact sheets provide information on specific native grasses to help producers with native grass re-vegetation efforts. Information includes identification features, preferred environmental conditions, forage values and where seeds are available.


Beneficial Management Practices for Species at Risk

This fact sheet describes management practices that can help several species at risk including burrowing owls, piping plovers and loggerhead shrikes.

Nature Saskatchewan


A Land Manager’s Guide to Grassland Birds of Saskatchewan

This guide has two goals. The first is to provide ranchers with basic information on the identification, habitat and biology of grassland birds. The second is to provide information on how pasture management influences grassland birds and their habitat. Saskatchewan Watershed Authority


At Home on the Range – Living with Saskatchewan’s Prairie Species at Risk
Species at risk and the native habitats that support them are a valuable and important part of our prairie heritage, as is ranching and farming. This publication is a tool for landowners, leaseholders and others who manage land on Saskatchewan’s prairies. It describes many suggested actions that land managers can take to help species at risk and ensure that they continue to thrive and provide us with many benefits.
Nature Saskatchewan, 2009


A Landowner’s Guide to Wildlife Friendly Fences:

How to Build a Fence with Wildlife in Mind
Fences can be barriers and traps for wildlife, from big game animals to birds, causing injury and unnecessary fatalities. Animal damage to fences is also costly and frustrating for landowners.By tailoring your fence design and placement, you can prevent injury to wild animals and lessen wildlife damage to your fence.
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, 2008


Plant Identification Field Guides

Includes Common Range Plants of Southern Saskatchewan , Common Range Plants of Northern Saskatchewan , Common Riparian Plants of Saskatchewan and Common Seeded Plants for Forage and Reclamation in Saskatchewan .

Saskatchewan Forage Council


Noxious Weed Fact Sheet – Absinthe

Nationwide invasive plants cost the agriculture community $2.2 Billion (CFIA). As a landowner you have a legal obligation to keep noxious weeds controlled.
South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards AEGP, 2013


Information on noxious and invasive weeds, their control, and integrated pest management.

Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Agriculture


Sask Agri-Map

Sask Agri-Map is an interactive GIS mapping website that will provide the agricultural community in Saskatchewan with a central source of geospatial information. Access to this comprehensive library of digital land and water information provides producers, regional groups and municipalities with a greater capacity to make informed decisions on the landscape.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada