Education and Events

Education and Events

On May 28 and 29 we were at Seager Wheeler Farm for the Food Farms event. We taught 2nd and 3rd-grade kids about our South Saskatchewan River Watershed!

In addition, we also do school presentations on watersheds and protecting our water resources. During the summer we attended workshops held at Pike Lake and Blackstrap Lake to educate children on the South Saskatchewan River Watershed.

On September 22 we celebrated World Rivers Day at the Farmers’ Market in Saskatoon. This event was organized in cooperation with Meewasin, Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin and the Clean Drinking Water Foundation.

List of Education and Events we attended in 2019:

Youth Education– Ag in the City and Ag experience, Food Farm at the Conservation Learning Centre near Prince Albert.

Field Days and Workshops– Invasive plants, Pasture Management, Biobeds, Water Well Workshops, Well Decommissioning

Booths– CSICD in Outlook, Riverhurst Bean Fest,  Osler July 1st parade, Nature City Festival, World River Day, Farmer’s Market, Elbow July 1st celebrations

Presentations– Municipalities, Industry organizations

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