Fish Habitat

Fish Habitat

The SSRWSI is taking the initiative to conduct a 2-year research project to investigate major tributaries that flow into the South Saskatchewan River. With funding provided by Environment Canada’s Environmental Damages Fund, the purpose of the project is to investigate fish utilization and provide a base knowledge of areas of important fish habitat. The assessments include mapping, photographing and evaluating fish habitat as well as sampling for fish species in specified creeks.


The South Saskatchewan River is home to over 20 species of fish. Protecting their habitat is essential for maintaining healthy populations. The importance of tributary creeks of the South Saskatchewan River to fish populations in regards to providing fish habitat for spawning, rearing, feeding, or year-round inhabitants is not well documented. This lack of data makes it difficult to monitor fish populations and habitat-related issues such as barriers to fish movement, loss of riparian vegetation and stream bank erosion as well as water quality concerns. Identifying areas of important habitats and determining the presence of fish within these tributaries will help us to make informed decisions in habitat protection and prevent changes being made to the creek environment without knowing the negative ecological impact.

Study Area:

The following creeks were sampled during the 2011-2012 Fish Habitat Study:

-Opimihaw Creek

-Red Deer Creek

-Fish Creek

-Brightwater/Beaver Creek

-Snakebite Creek

-Coteau Creek

Fish Habitat Report:

Fish Habitat Study of Tributary Creeks to the South Saskatchewan River

This report documents a fish habitat study of several creeks including Opimihaw, Red Deer, Fish, Coteau, Snakebite, and Brightwater/Beaver. The purpose of the study was to derive a sense of fish utilization within the aquatic ecosystem of creeks that flow into the South Saskatchewan River and to provide a base knowledge of areas of important fish habitats.
South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards, 2012


Tributary Locations Beaver Creek Fish Creek Opimihaw Creek
Snakebite Creek Red Deer Creek Coteau Creek Interactive Map


Fish Habitat Map

South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards

The content of this downloadable map involves data collected from the 2011-2012 fish habitat study initiated by the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards Inc. (SSRWSI).

Other Resources:

Fish Species of Saskatchewan

The focus of this booklet is primarily on the sportfish of Saskatchewan, but it also includes information about several rough-fish species as well. Descriptions provide information regarding the appearance of fish species as well as habitat preference, spawning and feeding behavior. This booklet was published by the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority with funds generated from the sale of angling licenses and made available through the Fish and Wildlife Development Fund.

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This guide has been developed for Saskatchewan landowners who have rivers, streams, and creeks flowing through their property. It is designed to provide information and assistance to landowners and others wishing to maintain healthy riparian areas. It will create an awareness of the value and importance of riparian areas, provide useful information and viable management options for landowners and foster sound management and stewardship of these special places. By Denis Huel, Saskatchewan Wetland Conservation Corporation, 1998.

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