Natural Edge – Shoreline Restoration

Natural Edge

The Natural Edge program is designed to help landowners create a natural shoreline by planting a selection of native trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and grasses suitable for their property. The plants help reduce soil erosion, improve water quality by filtering runoff, and provide essential habitat, including shelter and food for over 90% of wildlife.
In 2021 and 2022 we are aiming to complete two site visits and provide shoreline re-naturalization starter kits. This kit includes, among other things, 50 native plants (35 bare root and 10 potted plants, and 5 wildflowers, tree guards for all deciduous trees, and mulch for wildflowers. If you are interested in a shoreline re-naturalization kit please contact us. We are looking for one more project partner!
Funding support for the Natural Edge Program provided by the RBC Foundation through RBC Tech for Nature!

Four Natural Edge Projects were also completed in 2018 at Thode, Beaver Creek Conservation Area, Fred Heal Canoe Launch and one site along the South Saskatchewan River in the City of Saskatoon. Under this program, 200 shrubs were planted for erosion control. Financial support for these projects was provided by the Government of Canada.