Riparian and Wetland Management

Riparian and Wetland Management

Livestock Watering Systems in Saskatchewan: Producer Experiences

This document provides actual examples of livestock watering systems that producers in Saskatchewan are using. Having adequate supplies of high quality water for livestock is essential for successful livestock operations in Saskatchewan. Many producers use wetlands or dugouts as their main water source for livestock watering. Often these areas have increased animal pressure leading to heavy impacts on the shorelines that can reduce water quality.
Ducks Unlimited Canada, 2007


Economics of Riparian Area Management – Fact Sheet
Riparian areas are important econmomically to both cattle producers and society at large. What is profitable from a cattle production perspective provides the environmental services that society desires. Cattle producers can increase feed efficiency, weight gains and forage production while society receives increased water quality, wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities.
Saskatchewan Watershed Authority


Health of Riparian Areas in Southern Saskatchewan – Fact Sheet

A large percentage of Saskatchewan’s riparian areas are in need of some form of improvement. The good news is that a relatively small change in management with monitoring could improve a large percentage of area currently rated as “healthy with problems” to “healthy”.  Ecologists, landowners and the general public will need to continue to work together to understand and maintain this important resource.
Saskatchewan Watershed Authority


Riparian Area Management
Maintaining healthy riparian areas requires an understanding of how they function and how agricultural practices affect them. This publication provides information about the role of riparian areas in maintaining good water quality and how the careful management of riparian areas can provide sustainable forage for producers and improved water quality for all.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2000


Alternatives to Direct Access Livestock Watering
Clean water is a key factor in a healthy beef production system. There is a direct relationship between water intake and feed intake. This publication provides information on the impacts of direct watering of livestock on water quality and some of the management alternatives that exist for improving water quality by restricting animal accessto water bodies.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2001


Streambank Stewardship – A Saskatchewan Riparian Project

Effective management of riparian areas requires an understanding of how they function and how land-use practices affect them.This guide has been developed for Saskatchewan landowners who have rivers, streams and creeks flowing through their property. It is designed to provide information and assistance to landowners and others wishing to maintain healthy riparian areas.

Saskatchewan Wetland Conservation Corporation, 1998


Managing Saskatchewan Wetlands – A Landowner’s Guide
This guide has been produced for Saskatchewan landowners whose property contains wetlands. Its intent is to promote an understanding and appreciation of the value of wetlands, foster sustainable management of prairie land and water resources, and provide practical information to landowners on wetland management issues.

Saskatchewan Wetland Conservation Corporation, 2000


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