Saskatchewan Watersheds

Saskatchewan Watersheds

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State of the Watershed Report

State of the Saskatchewan River Basin Report

25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Agency Plan

Geology and Groundwater Resource Maps

Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds

Where is your Watershed – Nutrien

Sask Agri-Map

Sask Agri-Map is an interactive GIS mapping website that will provide the agricultural community in Saskatchewan with a central source of geospatial information. Access to this comprehensive library of digital land and water information provides producers, regional groups and municipalities with a greater capacity to make informed decisions on the landscape.

Canadian Wetland Inventory Map

Ducks Unlimited Canada – Interactive Mapping Portal

The Canadian Wetland Inventory (CWI) Progress Map displays CWI-compatible wetland inventory areas that are completed or in progress across Canada. This map application also permits the visualization of detailed wetland polygons and attribute information for certain areas where wetland inventory data have been made available

Ocean Watersheds of Canada

Natural Resources Canada – The Atlas of Canada

A watershed is an area that drains all precipitation received as a runoff or base flow (groundwater sources) into a particular river or set of rivers. Canada’s ocean watersheds are the Atlantic Ocean, Hudson Bay, Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

Geology and Groundwater Resources Maps

Water Security Agency

Groundwater maps illustrate the spatial extent, distribution, and depth of potential aquifers throughout Saskatchewan for both glacial and bedrock deposits. Detailed cross-sections complement the groundwater maps. Information on the location of potential aquifers, water supply potential, and sensitivity to contamination are described in the accompanying reports.

GeoSask is a centralized public website that provides one clear online access point to different types of maps and geographic information related to Saskatchewan land from across various government sources.