Source Water Protection

Source Water Protection Plan

The Source Water Protection Plan outlines the goals and objectives for source water protection planning within the South Saskatchewan River Watershed.  It identifies several key areas of interest or issues for source water protection including:

  • watershed education
  • surface and groundwater contamination
  • provision of safe drinking water to residents
  • potential for water quality issues from Alberta
  • pressures from agricultural, oil and gas, acreage, and urban development.


To facilitate planning and encourage local participation, the South Saskatchewan River Watershed was divided into three watershed planning areas: the North, Lake Diefenbaker and West (see map). Each area has their own Watershed Advisory Committee (WAC) which includes representatives from urban and rural municipalities, First Nations, and industry, environmental and agricultural interest organizations.

The Source Water Protection plan outlines several goals or actions to address these key issues, and delegates responsibility for implementation between the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards and the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority. The South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards  addresses the key actions of the Source Water Protection Plan through specific, targeted programs(TODO).

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