Water Management: Wells, Dugouts, Watering Systems

Water Management: Wells, Dugouts, Watering Systems

Pest Management and Water Quality
Developing effective pest management strategies ensures pest problems are monitored and assessed continually while allowing for a more efficient use of inputs. This Publication provides information on the impact of pesticides on water quality and how the adoption of an Integrated Pest Management Plan can help improve your bottom line and reduce environmental risks.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2000


Prairie Water Quality Problems

The purpose of the Surface Water Quality Initiative (SWQI) was to seek affordable and dependable solutions to surface water quality problems encountered on Prairie farms. This publication summarizes this research and outlines the water quality issues prevalent on Prairie farms.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 1997


A Landowner’s Guide to Water Well Management
As with any natural resource, groundwater supplies are not unlimited. They must be wisely managed and protected against undue exploitation and influence by contaminants. This guide is intended to provide domestic water well owners with a brief overview of groundwater, well construction, well management, and well decommissioning.


Quality Farm Dugouts

“Quality Farm Dugouts” is a workbook developed by Water Specialists from across the Canadian prairies. It is designed to help you develop and maintain your dugout water system so that it meets your needs for years to come. The workbook provides a systems approach to improving both the supply and quality of water starting with the dugout watershed and continuing to its final use.
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, 2002  – visit website


Livestock Watering Systems in Saskatchewan: Producer Experiences

This document provides actual examples of livestock watering systems that producers in Saskatchewan are using. Having adequate supplies of high-quality water for livestock is essential for successful livestock operations in Saskatchewan. Many producers use wetlands or dugouts as their main water source for livestock watering. These areas have increased animal pressure leading to heavy impacts on the shorelines that can reduce water quality.
Ducks Unlimited Canada, 2007


Water Testing

A summary of water testing and management information for farm wells and dugouts available in Saskatchewan.

Sask H2O

SaskH2O.ca brings together, under one web address, information and services available from the Government of Saskatchewan that relate to water

Working Well – Resources

Information resources for private water well owners in Alberta.

In June 2006, a series of groundwater and coal bed methane (CBM) public information sessions were held in central and southern Alberta. These sessions addressed landowner concerns about CBM development potentially affecting groundwater supplies.

Following these sessions, additional workshops were requested by water well owners related to water well management (such as proper construction, operation and maintenance). This led to the establishment of the Working Well program.