Water & Watershed Protection

Water & Watershed Protection

Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds (SAW)
The goal of the Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds (SAW) is to work on common watershed issues that identify concerns and deal with these concerns at the provincial level. SAW can greatly assist in developing policies for watershed protection in Saskatchewan while balancing the economic, environmental, and social aspects of its watershed members.

Water Security Agency (WSA)
The Water Security Agency (formally Saskatchewan Watershed Authority) leads the management of the province’s water resources to ensure safe drinking water sources and reliable water supplies for economic, environmental and social benefits for Saskatchewan people. The largest single economic project in Saskatchewan’s history will soon begin. In July 2020, Premier Scott Moe announced generational irrigation expansion projects that will irrigate up to 500,000 acres of land from Lake Diefenbaker. The WSA prepared a presentation about the Lake Diefenbaker Irrigation Expansion Projects.

Partners FOR the South Saskatchewan River Basin (PFSRB)

Partners FOR the South Saskatchewan River Basin (PFSRB) promotes watershed sustainability through awareness, linkages, and stewardship.

Saskatchewan Environmental Society

SES is working to educate citizens and policymakers, working to help create water policies in Saskatchewan that respect ecological limits and that allow communities to thrive and prosper sustainably.

Saskatchewan Water and Waste Water Association

SWWA is dedicated to the professional operation and maintenance of water and wastewater facilities.

SaskH2O.ca brings together, under one web address, information, and services available from the Government of Saskatchewan that relate to water.

Safe Drinking Water Foundation
SDWF is a registered Canadian charity. Its primary purpose is to educate community leaders, politicians, engineers, health officials, students and the general public about drinking water quality issues and solutions.

Canadian Water Resources Association
The Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) is a national organization of individuals and organizations from the public, private and academic sectors that are committed to raising awareness of the value of water and to promoting responsible and effective water resource management in Canada

Canadian Water Network
The Canadian Water Network plays a vital role in ensuring that Canada benefits from its investments in research to manage our water resources more effectively and becomes a world leader in water management.

Environment Canada  – Water
Managing Canada’s water resources, which represents about seven percent of the world’s renewable freshwater, is everyone’s responsibility.

GEMS/Water –  United Nations Global Environment Monitoring System

GEMS supports global, regional, and national environmental assessment and reporting processes on the state and trends of water resources by providing access to quality-assured data and information on water quality in freshwater ecosystems worldwide.