We want your fish guts!

❗️We NEED your HELP! We want your FISH GUTS!
🐟We are collecting gastrointestinal tracts of Yellow Perch, Northern Pike, and Walleye of anglers who harvested them under their existing fishing license. SSRWSI staff will be collecting samples over the Canada Day weekend. 
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✔️You will be helping with our project called Microplastics in Fish of Saskatchewan Watersheds”. Studies on marine fish have shown that microplastics may accumulate within organisms, resulting in physical harm, such as by internal abrasions and blockages. Especially early-life stages are at risk, as they are often found to mistake microplastics for food, thereby decreasing survival, fitness, and growth. In addition to the potential physical impacts of ingested microplastics, toxicity could also arise from leaching contaminants such as plastic additives, capable of causing carcinogenesis and endocrine disruption.
This project is partly funded through Saskatchewan’s Fish and Wildlife Development Fund!