Wetland / Waste Land – A Conservation of Change Documentary

Since European settlement, 40-70% of wetlands in the North American Prairies have been lost. Small farms and towns are also disappearing from the prairies. The Canadian province of Saskatchewan has lost nearly 75% of its farms and 50% of its rural population since 1940. In “Wetland / Waste Land”, anthropologist Philip Loring and filmmaker Donald Selby look at the emerging conflicts in the Canadian prairies over the apparently-conflicting needs of wetlands and agriculture. The prairies are the “duck factory” of North America, so conservation of wetlands is essential for waterfowl and other plants and animals. But the prairies are also Canada’s bread basket, and Saskatchewan farmers manage 40% of Canada’s total crop land. How water and land are managed has real implications for local ecosystems and livelihoods. Are trade-offs inevitable, or can these challenges be managed for the mutual benefit of all? We speak with farmers, environmental scientists, engineers, and Indigenous leaders in an attempt to answer these questions. Learn more about the Conservation of Change Lab: www.conservationofchange.org

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